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Instafill app is a comprehensive solution for managing PDF documents, enhancing efficiency and accuracy for users dealing with form-based documents. It’s particularly useful for individuals and businesses looking to automate and validate the completion of PDF forms.

Key features, including the specific use case of validating pre-filled forms:

  • Automated PDF Filling: The app fills out PDF forms using data extracted from uploaded files, which can be in various formats including documents and images. This eliminates manual data entry and speeds up document processing.
  • PDF Updating and Production: After auto-filling, the app updates the PDF to produce a completely filled version, ready for use or submission.
  • Validation of Pre-filled Forms: For users who upload PDFs that are already filled, the app offers a crucial service by validating each field of the form. It checks the accuracy of the filled information against a robust knowledge base, ensuring that every entry is correct and complete. This feature is invaluable for users needing assurance that their forms are error-free and meet the requirements.
  • Interactive AI for Queries and Cleanup: Users can interact with the app’s AI to ask why a specific field was filled in a particular way or inquire about the data needed for filling the form. The AI can also clean and validate data extracted from uploaded files, ensuring that the information used to fill or verify the forms is accurate.
  • Data Extraction from Images: When users upload images, the app parses these images to extract relevant data. This allows for seamless information integration into PDF forms, regardless of the original data format. See the impact on your work

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See the impact on your work

Discover how Instafill addresses the needs of anyone regularly working with PDF forms, offering both automation in filling out forms and meticulous verification of pre-filled documents. The app ensures that every form is not just filled but filled correctly, providing users with confidence in their document’s accuracy and completeness. Complete the form above to get your free demo.